Sunday, 14 April 2013

PAS flags 'banned in Putrajaya'

Voters in Putrajaya are finding it strange that PAS flags have been absent in Putrajaya despite the announcement that party vice president Husam Musa will be contesting there at the coming GE.

“PAS is contesting in Putrajaya, but not even a flag? Flags must be put up to boost the spirit,”

The scene was different during Husam’s first programme at Precinct 18 last Thursday, when roads were decorated with PAS flags.

Noticed that PAS’s Unit Amal was recollecting all the party flags once the programme ended.

A Unit Amal member explained to us why:

“If we put up the flags at 3 in the morning, they will be removed at 4 am. We love our flags. When there is a PAS programme, we will put them up. Once over, we will take them out. That’s routine, I believe this will continue until election.”

He added that he had been warned against putting PAS flags within Putrajaya.

While flags may not be the effective weapon to capture voters' hearts, this ban on PAS flags only shows the great task ahead for history to be created in this city custom-made for civil servants.

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